Cigar Icons of The Silver Screen: James Bond

Cigar Icons of The Silver Screen: James Bond


Undoubtedly one of the most famous and beloved spies in the world, James Bond has been synonymous with style, intellectuality, and sophistication for over fifty-six years. Regardless of the character’s strong influence in the world of sartorialism and his significant contribution to the evolution of the modern gentleman, only a few are aware of Bond’s connection to the cigars industry. Without further ado, this post will look at the cigar smoker side of 007 and touch on the agent’s intimate relationship with Cuban Cigars Online.

roger moore smoking cuban cigars pierce brosnan former james bond photograph with a Habano EGM Cigars

Left: Roger Moore smoking a cigar on the set of Live and Let Die, Right: Pierce Brosnan, former James Bond, photograph smoking a Habano


LITERARY FIGURE – Although Bond’s reputation is a worldwide phenomenon, only a few know that the popular spy was first introduced as a literary figure. The infamous 007 made his first ever appearance in the original Bond novels written by Ian Fleming between 1953 and 1966. With the first book, Casino Royale, published over half of a century ago, James Bond continues to look ravishing to this day, regardless of being a sixty-six years old character. Despite his age, Fleming’s spy has inspired both men and women in regards to style, manners, and lifestyle – becoming a true icon.

Sadly, there is no literary reference of 007 puffing on a fine puro since the original Bond was addicted to smoking cigarettes. In fact, the character is described as a heavy smoker, putting away between sixty and seventy cigarettes a day. Both Bond and his author smoked the same cigarettes – Morland of Grosvenor, while in Casino Royale we even learn that the brand rolls unique cigarettes specifically for 007. Despite puffing Morlands when he is in England, Bond is forced to smoke other cigarettes during his international trips – in America and Bahamas he smokes Chesterfields, in Jamaica puffs Royal Blend, in Istanbul smokes Diplomates.

sean connery daniel craig roger moore pierce brosnan james bond smoking cuban cigars EGM Cigars copy

Top Left: Sean Connery as James Bond in Dr. No, Bottom Left: Roger Moore puffing a Cigar, Top Right: Daniel Craig smoking a Habano, Bottom Right: Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan puffing a cigar


ON SCREEN – In 1962, Sean Connery starred as James Bond for the first time ever in Dr No. Contrary to Fleming’s sixty-a-day cigarettes Bond, the on-screen version of the character introduced a light smoker spy. Out of twenty-three 007 films, James Bond puffs cigarettes in only eleven of them with Timothy Dalton being the last actor to embody a cigarette smoking spy.

ROGER MOORE AND CIGARS – First time starring as James Bond in 1973's Live and Let Die, Roger Moore transformed the once cigarette obsessed spy into an avid Cuban Cigars smoker. Being a cigar enthusiast himself, Roger Moore wanted to differentiate his portrayal of the famous character by making him a true cigars aficionado. Being an avid cigar smoker, the actor puffed cigars exclusively throughout his films. In particular, he even added a clause in his contract that granted him unlimited supply of his favourite Montecristo Cigars on set. And who could possibly blame him for having such a refined taste? A classic puro, the Montecristo No.3 Cigar is created entirely with selected wrapper, filler, and binder leaves from the Vuelta Abajo zone – a cigar reflecting the grace and excellence of Bond’s smokes. Similar in flavours but shorter in length, the Montecristo Media Corona is full of flavours and measures at 90 mm by a 44 ring gauge, making it perfect to smoke at lunchtime or post-dinner.

montecristo no 3 cigar montecristo media corona cigar EGM Cigars

Left: Montecristo No.3 Cigar, Right: Montecristo Media Corona Cigar


THE BROSNAN 007 – Pierce Brosnan starred as Bond in four films, from 1995 up until 2002, introducing a non-smoker 007 for the first time. Although Brosnan’s portrayal of James Bond was generally smoke-free, there are multiple apprearances of cigars throughout his films. In 2002, the actor puffed a puffed in his last Bond film, Die Another Day, while in 1999’s The World Is Not Enough, a Swiss banker is being portrayed smoking Churchills. A Habano made for those who can truly appreciate great quality, the Vintage Romeo Y Julieta Churchills Cigar is capable of delivering a number of complex and rich flavours – a Vintage Cigar that even 007 couldn’t resist. 

A symbol of power and sophistication, James Bond has inspired generations with his excellent manners, refined style, and charming yet strong personality. Despite his “shaken not stirred” Vodka Martini, 007 seem to have a weak spot for a fine Habano too. Read our latest posts and learn everything there is to know about Cuban Cigars for Sale Online.