Cigars: An Icon of Pop Culture

Cigars: An Icon of Pop Culture

Known for been handmade using only the highest quality tobacco leaves, Cuban Cigars has been serving as a cultural pop icon for decades. While cigarettes become increasingly marginalised in modern day society, habanos continue to vibrate the same powerful and distinctive profile to this day. There’s no doubt that the image of a cigar pursed in between the lips remain strong and steered in history, reminding us a number of enduring figures from the worlds of politics, literature, film, and more. Having said that, here we look at all these factors that has contributed to making cigars a pop culture icon like no other.

MARKETING AND ADVERTISING – Cigarettes and Cigarette manufacturers have borne the brunt of public outrage for years. On the other hand, Cuban Cigars Online seem to avoid most of that vitriol and the reasons behind this imbalance is quite simple. Marketing. Aggressive marketing strategies of most cigarette manufacturers have been targeted by strong anti-cigarette and anti-smoking organisations all over the world. However, cigar manufacturer’s advertisements are relatively fewer in numbers, limited in range, and always of refined and appropriate taste. That difference allows cigars to remain fairly untouched to this day in comparison to cigarettes which are being constantly attacked and criticised for their health risks to this day.

Vintage montecristo cigars advert and cuban cigars advert EGM Cigars

Left: Vintage Montecristo cigars poster, Right: Vintage Cuban cigars advertisement


HIGH CLASS EXPERIENCE – Another reason why cigars have remained iconic throughout the years is their perceived allure. Overall, puffing on habanos is considered a much more high-class experience that cigarette smoking. That can be testified is we simply look at the selling points of each product. The availability of the cigarettes is incredibly wider than this of the cigars as they have much greater prevalence in supermarkets, corner convenience stores, and gas stations. Contrariwise, cigars often require from the buyer to go to a specific store or webpage to purchase them, limitations that add to the sense of value and opulence. Talking of luxury, nobody could possibly doubt the high-class experience that the Cohiba Exquisitos Cigar offers to every cigar aficionado out there. A short yet powerful smoke, the exquisitos cigar measures at 125 mm in length by a 33 ring gauge and delivers a medium to full flavoured profile, a Regular Production cigar that guarantees a high-class smoking experience.

APPEAL – In addition, the allure of cigars exists in multiple fields. Amongst them is the feel of romanticism and sexual attraction. In particular, according to the founding father of psychoanalysis Dr Sigmund Freud, cigars constitute a symbol of male phallic empowerment and, thus, are considered sexually appealing. With that in mind, there certainly seems to be something alluring about puffing a cigar that a cigarette lacks. The slim and elegant format of the La Gloria Cubana Madaille d’Or No. 4 Cigar testifies to the cigars’ sexual appeal. Featuring a Palmitas vitola, this habano displays smooth yet complex flavours, typical of the La Gloria Cubana Cigars.

mia farrow smoking a habano a husband lighting his wife's habano cassic looking gentlemen lighting their cigar EGM Cigars

Top Left: Actress Mia Farrow puffing a habano, Top Right: A husband lights his wife's cigar, Bottom: A group of classic looking gentlemen lighting their cigars


POP CULTURE SMOKERS – There is no doubt that cigars remain an icon of contemporary pop culture however, most of our references are anachronistic, coming from dated cigar smokers. Of course, we often hear about Winston Churchill and his Romeo y Julieta smokes, Alfred Hitchcock and his love for Montecristo Cigars, Mark Twain’s puffing habits or Sigmund Freud’s smoking preferences. Nevertheless, we seldom discuss about contemporary smokers and there is a simple explanation to that. Although they are not necessarily shy about it, today’s famous habano smokers choose to keep a low profile when it comes to their cigar smoking ritual. Amongst these contemporary cigar smokers are actor Jack Nicholson, film star and businessman Arnold Schwarzenegger, and actress and comedian Whoopi Goldberg who usually prefers small habanos but she’s still been known to light up a big Cohiba every now and then. The Cohiba Behike 56 Cigar is one of the actress’s favourite large cigars. The largest from the Behike line, the habano is made using medio tiempo, volado, seco, and ligero leaves, a smoke that every cigar aficionado should have inside their humidor.

La Gloria_Cubana_Medaille_d_Or_No4_Cigar and Cohiba Behike 56 EGm Cigars

Left: La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or No. 4 Cigar, Right: Cohiba Behike 56 Cigar 

Regardless your relationship with cigars, you can’t argue against the fact that habanos were, are, and will always be a symbol of pop culture. From their multi-layered appeal to being an item adored amongst celebrities, cigars are more than just a smoke - they are a lifestyle. Why not read more from our blog and find out what makes Cuban Cigars for Sale Online so special?