Cigars and Poker: An Inseparable Duo

Cigars and Poker: An Inseparable Duo

Looking back at recent blog posts, we have unveiled a hidden yet strong bond between Cuban Cigars and sports. Whether it’s football, basketball, or golf, habanos have penetrated the sports industry from every angle. A sport very much associated with mentality, perceptiveness, affluence, and, in many cases, elitism, poker seems to go hand in hand with cigars. That been said, in today’s article we touch on the reasons why cigars and poker are a match made in heaven, looking at the ways in which habanos can actually contribute positively during a poker game.

POKER AS A SPORT – Poker has been a topic of controversy many times. Due to the sport’s stability and association with betting, many believe that poker should not be considered a sport, but as a habit – and a rather nasty one. Others seek to defend it by arguing that poker is a game of strategy, movement reading, and concentration, elements that characterise most sports. Love it or hate it, poker is in fact considered a sport, a mind sport to be precise, having been accepted as so by the IMSA, also known as the International Mind Sports Association, in 2010. Regardless, poker is closely related to Cuban Cigars Online, since the majority of the sport’s players are either occasional smokers or avid cigar aficionados. What is it that links these two together though?

professional poker player paul-mckinney smoking cuban cigars women playing poker and smoking habanos and a cigar and a drink on a poker table EGM Cigars

Top Left: Professional poker player Paul Mckinney puffing a cigar, Top Right: Woman smoking a habano while playing poker, Bottom: Puffing cigars during a poker game


AN ITEM OF LUXURY – There is no doubt that poker is strongly associated with wealth and opulence. Although there are tables that satisfy each and every pocket out there, the sport is well-known for been related to affluence and financial prosperity. And what is more luxurious and opulent than cigars. Habanos have been a loyal companion to poker players since the sport’s creation, elevating the already high sense of affluence that poker is so famous of. Thus, think big when choosing your poker habanos. A truly unique cigar, the Cohiba Majestuosos 1966 – 50 Aniversario Humidor would be an excellent company during your poker game. The Majestuosos vitola has never been seen in any other cigar amongst the Habanos S.A range, making this Limited Editions smoke that would certainly fascinate your opponents.

A GAME OF DECEPTION – In poker, a wink can either make you rich or leave you penniless. The most subtle movements, facial expressions, or twitches can easily betray you to your opponents. Particularly, experienced players are able to pick up patterns or actions, getting a clear understanding of your hand. However, puffing on a habano can help you throw them off. Smoking a cigar will manage to make your moves unreadable since your actions will be concentrated on the puffing ritual, instead of giving you away to your opponents. It’s a quite simple yet extremely affected technique. A strong habano, like any from Cohiba Cigars or Cuaba Cigars, is preferable for this occasion, perfect to confuse the rest of the players. Wrapped in the very impressive looking yet difficult to roll double figurado format, the Cuaba Salomones Cigar is just the right smoke for a poker game. One of the largest cigars on the market, Salomones measures at 184 mm by a ring gauge of 57 and delivers a medium to full bodied smoke, ideal for a long-lasting poker game.

cohiba cigars majestuosos 1966 50 aniversario humidor and cuaba salamones cigars EGM Cigars

Left: Cohiba Majestuosos 1966 - 50 Aniversario Humidor, Right: Cuaba Salomones Cigar


CONCENTRATION IS KEY – Poker requires a high level of mental piece and concentration. Besides having to consider your hand and your own moves, as a player you need to pay close attention to the table as much as the body language, expressions, and moves of your opponents, searching for a sign that could possibly betray their hand. Like many other rituals, smoking cigars can maximize Your concentration. As we have discussed in our post The Stress Relieving Properties of Smoking Cigars, habanos can function as a natural tranquilliser as they contain nicotine which is known as a great chemical relaxant. Having said that, cigars can certainly help you keep your mind on the game, relieving you from unnecessary stress and tension. A smoke not for the faint-hearted, the Partagas Lusitanias Cigar will keep company to every cigar aficionado on their poker game for just under two hours. Coming in a prominentes vitola, the lusitanias puro is capable of producing a rich and intense smoke, perfect for any poker table.

PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE – Acing in poker requires patience too. The virtue of patience can not just help you determine the definiteness of your own moves but also fake out your opponents, leaving them wondering whether you are stalking because you are bluffing, you are holding the winning hand, or simply trying to figure out your next move. Puffing a habano can certainly help in this case. Patience comes almost effortless when puffing a cigar, for this occasion the longer the better as a big puro will transport you into following the puffing ritual, maximising your calmness and patience. Coming in 152 mm in length by a ring gauge of 38, the lengthy Montecristo Especial No. 2 Cigar will be a great partner to your poker journey. Offering a fantastic bouquet of flavours, the especial no. 2 features the slim and elegant laguito no. 2 vitola, making it excellent for lighting during a long poker game.

Partagas Lusitanias Cigar and Montecristo Especial no 2 cigar EGM Cigars

Left: Partagas Lusitanias Cigar, Right: Montecristo Especial No. 2 Cigar

A sport of strategic thinking and concentration, poker seems to be in many ways intertwined with Cuban Cigars for Sale Online. As we have demonstrated above, for professional and experienced players, cigars are not just an opulent accessory but an important factor that contributes to the progression of a poker game. Check out more of our recent articles from our blog and learn more about the fascinating Cuban cigars industry today: