Crime, Style, and Cuban Cigars: Famous Cigar Smoking Criminals

Crime, Style, and Cuban Cigars: Famous Cigar Smoking Criminals

If there is a thing besides criminal intent that mafia is known for that is most certainly Cuban Cigars. From Al Capone to Carmine Galante, mobsters and members of the underworld cared more than you think about their sticks. What is it that attract mob bosses to habanos you ask? That's exactly what we will be discussing today. Without any further ado, in today's post, we take a look at what inspired famous criminals and the mob to become such a loyal following of the smoking ritual as well as the factors that link cigars with the mafia.


POWER - It all comes down to one simple notion yet principal when it comes to social esteem and class; power. Mobsters, like Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky, exuded power in an attempt to raise fear or earn respect from members of rival gangs and, at the same time, intimidate masses. Whether it was violence and gun use or establishing gang territories, power was mobsters' most efficient instrument in their journey to cause fear as well as acquire appreciation.

WEALTH - How did mobsters express power over certain groups? Wealth and affluence is the correct answer. Of course, many may rush to argue that members of the mob used different forms of fear and violence to intimidate people, however, affluence is as impactful as any machine gun, if not more. Anthony "Fat Tony" Salermo made millions by running the numbers and drugs racket to East Harlem after most of the Italian mobsters left the area as it started to become more Latino and Black, sometime around the 1960s. Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Loera, one of Mexico's most infamous drug lords, built his empire by smuggling in billion of dollars from Colombia through Mexico and into the United States - El Chapo was even featured in Forbes list of 1000 wealthiest people around the globe. For mob bosses like the above, opulence was the ultimate way to exude esteem. When publicly showcasing the overwhelming extent of their financial power, drug lords and other mobster bosses terrorise and frighten both their enemies as well as the masses.

bugsy siegel and mobsters egm cigars

Left: Bugsy Siegel smoking a cigar, Right: Portrait of mobster bosses


STYLE - Wealth and power can best be reflected through style. From mobster legends to contemporary underworld bosses, members of the mob were always interested in their looks. From Al Capone's tailored jackets to Joey Gallo's Ray-ban Wayfarers, for mobsters, style was and still is the most direct and impactful way to demonstrate wealth, class, and esteem. Inspired by sartorialism and as well as characteristics and features of the attire of the classic gentleman, members of the underworld aim to always look as polished, refined, and respectable as possible as this will, simultaneously exude experience and a sense of maturity.

CIGARS - Last but not least, Cigars are one of the most representative instruments of the mob. Whether it's cigars' lucrative aromas and flavours or their appeal as a tool of class and esteem, Cuban sticks were always related to mobsters and members of the underworld. Carmine Galante, known by the nickname "Cigar", earned his nickname is he was rarely, if ever seen without a cigar. Al "Scarface" Capone is known over the world as a cigar smoker too - many photos were taken of him with a stogie in hand. From the thick and powerful Cohiba Talisman Edicion Limitada 2017 to the light and mild in flavours H. Upmann Magnum 50 Cigar, mobster are anything but shy when it comes to their smokes.

crime, style, and cuban cigars from egm cigars

Mobster boss, Al Capone smoking his favourite Cuban cigars.

Power, wealth, and style, popular criminals and mob bosses have left their mark in history as cigar smokers. From classic Cohibas to rare and well-matured Vintage Cigars, visit our online shop now and find exactly the smoke you have been looking for. Head to our Cuban Cigar Blog now and discover everything there is to know about the fascinating world of cigars.