Why You Should Try Cigar Samplers

Why You Should Try Cigar Samplers

Robusto Cigar Sampler.

Cuban Cigar Samplers have become a very popular concept. There are many aficionados that are opting to purchase Cuban Cigars in this ‘sampler’ format as opposed to an entire box of some of the finest cigars. In this article, we will explain why you should try purchasing samplers while showing you some of the packs we offer in our Cuban Cigar Shop

Samplers can benefit a smoker for a number of reasons and can come in handy at the most opportune moments. Not only are they more affordable and highly inclusive, but they are also useful and can be very convenient.


Are you always on the lookout for your next favourite cigar? Or always keen to expand your knowledge on a particular vitola or brand? A cigar sampler allows you to do these things without the risk of spending a fortune on a box of cigars which you might not enjoy.

It’s all very well buying a box of well-liked and world-famous cigars, such as the Cohiba Cigars on our website, but without trying it how do you really know if you’ll like its standout aromas and flavours? If you buy the Robusto Cigar Sampler you will be able to enjoy a variety of brands, including Ramon Allones Cigars and Hoyo de Monterrey in your favourite Robusto vitola and decide whether you’d like to invest in a glorious box of a certain cigar. 

The All-Star Sampler stealing all of the limelight.


If you read our post on our Cuban Cigar Blog called Best Cuban Cigars for Beginners, you’ll have noticed that it’s somewhat overwhelming when you initially begin smoking cigars with the number of brands available and the increasingly different shapes and sizes in their respective collections. But we all know that the only way to differentiate between what you do and don’t enjoy is for you to try a variety of different flavours, profiles, brands and vitolas.

The All-Star Sampler on our website gives you the opportunity to try out some of the most loved cigars from Habanos’ leading brands. Or better yet, the Limited Edition Sampler might tempt you into trying exclusive Limited Editions from brands like Montecristo Cuban Cigars. 

The Petit Coronas Sampler.


The final and perhaps the most fantastic thing about Cuban cigar samplers is that they can be given as a thoughtful present to a loved one and to celebrate a special occasion. If you have a family member who you know is partial to a Petit Coronas vitola, gift them the Petit Corona Cigar Sampler to make their birthday. They’ll be sure to appreciate your interest in their passions and will enjoy sampling the different cigars in their sampler pack.

In addition to this, you could go the extra mile and gift any of our Cuban Cigar Accessories alongside them. Our S.T Dupont Cigar Lighter comes in various shapes, colours and styles, meaning any one’s birthday could be made with one of them as a present.

As you can see, Cigar Samplers have many advantages, so what are you waiting for? Browse our collection now and see what excellent products we have for sale. Please contact us if you have any questions about any of our products and let us know what you think of our packs in the comments section below.