Guide to Panetelas Cigars: 3 Panetelas Cigars You Need to Try

Guide to Panetelas Cigars: 3 Panetelas Cigars You Need to Try

There is an endless variety of shapes and sizes on our Cuban Cigar Shop. Aficionados, you will find something to suit your exact taste preference, you just need to do your research. I’m sure many of you already know your Coronas from your Panetelas, but for those who don’t, we have you covered. You’re about to find out all you need to know about Panetelas and our recommended smokes!


WHAT IS A PANETELA? – I’m sure you’re curious as to what is unique about a Panetela cigar. Well, at first glance you will see a long and thinly shaped cigar. The length can range anywhere from 5 to 7.5 inches, with a ring gauge of 34-38. They hold a pajero shape – like many Cuban cigars these days. The petite size and lesser use of filler means the cigar roller needs to pay these bad boys some extra care. They will vouch for us when we say; they aren’t easy to make. We’re certain you will notice that the flavour of the wrapper leaf proves more prominent than the binder and filler tobaccos in Panetelas. They’re great for all you smokers who enjoy plenty of concentration, with a longer burn time. So now you have the low down on what exactly to expect from a Panetela, here’s some of our much-loved recommendations:

cohiba panetelas cuban cigars blog egm

Cohiba Panetelas.


COHIBA PANETELAS – First on the list: Cohiba Panatelas. With a length of 115mm and a ring gauge 26; this is the smallest cigar in the Cohiba Linea Clasica range. However, there is more than what meets the eye. This Cohiba cigar is not one to underestimate. It is rich with notes of grass and fine leather – the classic Cohiba taste. Many aficionados love this cigar as a pre-dinner smoke, or pair it with a coffee. Some may say that this is the best Panatela in the world of Habanos! Why don’t you be the judge? You can shop a range of Panetela Cuban cigars online on our website.

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Rafael Gonzalez Panetelas.


RAFAEL GONZALEZ PANETELAS – As they were recommended by the ‘King of Cigars’ himself – Zino Davidoff – we had to included the Rafael Gonzalez Panetelas. It has a unique Vergueritos vitola, with a length of 127mm and ring gauge of 37. Filled with the finest tobacco leaves from the iconic Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba; this smoke provides sweet, smooth aromas. It provides light notes of milky chocolate, espresso beans and almond nuts. This is one to store away in your humidor, as it is known to get better with age.

quintero panetelas cuban cigars blog egm

Quintero Panetelas.


QUINTERO PANETELAS – If your searching for a quick fix, then look no further. This quintessential Quinero provides a swift and easy smoke. With a length of 127mm and a ring gauge 37, it is filled with short filler tobacco leaves. It lets out woody and grassy aromas, whilst delivering an incredibly smooth and medium-flavoured smoking experience. Pair a Quintero Panetela, with a coffee, and you have a perfect match!

Now you know what to expect from a Panetela Cuban cigar, check out our cigars for sale online and give them a try for yourself. In the meantime, check out our Cuban cigar blog, to delve deeper into the world of Habanos.