The Romanticism of Cuban Cigars

The Romanticism of Cuban Cigars

There are so many words that can be used to describe Cuban Cigars; experience, knowledge, manufacture, finesse. However, there's an aspect of habanos that stays well hidden to this day. Romanticism and appeal is a quality closely associated with the smoking ritual that not many are brave enough to touch upon. If we can put it in simple words, when it comes to the art of puffing a fine cigar, the smoking ritual vibrates allure and charm. What is it that creates that feel? Well, that's what we're here to find out.


ATTRACTIVENESS - There's nothing unscrupulous or ungodly when we say that the smoking ritual is characterised by a sense of romanticism and allure. This feeling is pure and does not offend, diminish, or insult the industry of Cuban Cigars, but, on the contrary, it makes it more intimate, complex, and meaningful. Thus, before you rush to accuse us that our intentions are either confusing or malicious, keep on reading as we break down piece by piece what is it that gives the smoking ritual the sense of romanticism and charm.

THE RITUAL - It all starts from the ritual itself. There is something highly appealing when smoking a cigar. From the meticulous process of removing the head and lighting the foot to the calming and serene movements of your hands, mouth, and lips as you draw the smoke inside your mouth; It almost feels like the smoking ritual has been exclusively tailored in an attempt to exude fascination and enchantment. It is a habit that radiates the feel of seductiveness. Whether you are a big fan of Cohibas or you prefer the captivating flavours of classic mild flavoured smokes, like the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2, you cannot deny that the act of puffing a cigar is a process that vibrates romanticism and allure.

pairing cuban cigars with champaign egm cigars

Pairing cigars with champaign oozes enchantment and fascination.


POWER - If there's something that every type of a cigar smoker can agree on is the fact that cigars are synonymous with power. How is that related to attractiveness you ask? It is more simple and straightforward than you think. Power exudes stability, determination, bravery, and, of course, mannerism - qualities which are all associated with charm and magnetism. Being an instrument of power, cigars manage to project this charm and seductiveness through the essence of power. To put it in simple words, cigars are power and power is seductive.

CLASS - Class works in a very similar way to power. The feel of sophistication and finesse, class is certainly a quality that oozes appeal and romanticism. A notion associated with the figure of the timeless gentleman, class is a form of attractiveness than many wish to have but only a few ever manage to acquire. How is it related to cigars you wonder? If we look at some of the most popular cigar smokers of all time, we can spot a very interesting pattern; Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Aristotle Onassis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Douglas. All these smokers are known for their sophisticated and refined attitude while their portrayal as cigar smokers was and still is related to class, mannerism, and appeal.

EXOTICISM - An obvious quality associated with the cigar world, habanos vibrate exoticism. Of course, their country of origin plays an important role here. Cuba, an island located in the northern Carribean, is, if anything, the definition of exoticism. The tropical weather and the passionate-about-life people are only a few of all the things that work to describe the island's exotic appeal. Cigars, like any other product to come from this blessed land, constitute part of Cuba's culture, a product that reflects the exotic heritage of the island. In short, whether you enjoy the deep and complex aromas of sticks like the Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos or the well balanced and light aromas of a Por Larranaga Panetelas, all Cuban cigars ooze exoticism and a tropical magnetism that makes us all crave for more.

smoking cigars in cuba egm cigars

Smoking cigars in Cuba is a ritual associated with exotic appeal and fascination.

The romanticism and allure that Cuban cigars exude constitute a challenging topic of conversation in the cigar world for many years. Whether you agree with us or not, cigars are meant to be smoked and enjoyed by everyone so head to our Cuban Cigar Shop now and choose the cigar that you wish to smoke, from Vintage to rare Limited Edition ones. Are you a cigar enthusiast who just can't get enough of everything habanos-related? Visit our Cuban Cigar Blog now and discover more about the enticing world of Cubans.