Pairing Cigars with Tea: The Ultimate Guide

Pairing Cigars with Tea: The Ultimate Guide


Choosing the right drink while puffing a Habano can certainly enhance your smoking experience. Most cigar smokers are familiar with pairing Cuban Cigars Online with alcoholic drinks, like champagne, martini, or scotch. However, only a few cigar aficionados are aware of the fact that a puro can match perfectly with a non-alcoholic drink as well. Coffee has already enjoyed its moment in the sun but tea seems to be quite underappreciated when it comes to pairing it with a fine Habano. A beverage of sublime aromas and flavours, in today’s post we offer you the ultimate guide to pairing cigars with tea.

A GREAT MATCH – Pairing an epicure cigar with an artisanal tea can make the experience of each more vivid, memorable, and related. Many argue that the reasons behind this perfect pairing lie in the fact that both derive from brown leaves grown under the sun. Regardless, great tea emboldens and enhances the flavours of Cuban Cigars better than coffee - better even than some alcoholic drinks. But how could you make this pairing a success?

lighting a habano at  the garden lounge in corinthia hotel london HOYO DE MONTERREY EPICURE NO. 2 RESERVA COSECHA 2012 CIGAR

Left: Lighting a Habano at The Garden Lounge of Corinthia Hotel, London, Right: The Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.2 Reserva Cosech 2012 Cigar


COLOURS – Both filled with distinctive aromas, it takes great concentration to find the right balance when pairing cigars with tea. That been said, matching the colour of the cigar with the colour of the tea is probably the most crucial rule you need to keep in mind. The lighter the colour of the cigar, the lighter the colour of your tea and vice versa. Failing to do so and the result will be a perplexed mixture of flavours and aromas that would either overwhelm your senses or lower your smoking pleasure.

A perfect match for a lighter coloured tea, the Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo du Depute Cigar has the typical light flavoured profile that the brand is so famous of. Measuring at 110 mm long by a 38 ring gauge, this small yet flavoursome Habano would pair exceptionally with a light coloured tea. On the other hand, a darker cigar, like the Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos Cigar, would be an excellent match to a darker beverage. Equally small in length with the Hoyo puro but capable of producing stronger flavours, the Secretos Cigar is a unique smoke - best paired with a good cup of dark coloured tea.

hoyo de monterrey hoyo du depute cigars cohiba maduro 5 secretos cigar EGM Cigars

Left: Hoyo De Monterrey Le Hoyo du Depute Cigar, Right: Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos Cigar


SIZE – When it comes to pairing a Habano with tea, size definitely matters. A lengthy cigar with a large ring gauge is not always a good choice when you want to enjoy your smoke with a hot beverage. A slim and elegant cigar is the best choice for this occasion. The thinner the gauge, the more concentrated the flavours and that is essential for succeeding a well-balanced pairing. Thin and refined, the La Gloria Cubana Medaille d’or No.4 Cigar is one of the most sought Habanos on the market. With 152 mm length by a 32 ring gauge, this cigar displays the characteristic of the brand’s complex yet smooth flavours - suitable for pairing it with tea.

AGE – Like in fashion, the vintage pieces need to go together. That been said, matching a Vintage Cigar with a well-aged tea is always preferable. Doing so, all the well-aged aromas of each will blend together in an effortless yet sublime way. Nevertheless, failing to follow that instruction, you would possibly cause a major confusion to your senses. A longer yet strong flavoured puro, the Vintage Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios Cigar (USE SEP ’08) is capable of producing an exquisite smoke. Aged for over eleven years in a temperature and humidity controlled environment, this aged Cohiba Cigar would be a perfect pair to any vintage beverage.

Vintage Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios Cigar (USE SEP ’08) EGM Cigars

The Vintage Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios Cigar (USE SEP '08)


SIPPING AND PUFFING – What brings the most enjoyment in this experience is, surprisingly, not the taste but the mixture of aromas. In particular, the pleasure of pairing cigars with tea arises from the smoke produced by both the cigar and the beverage which is inhaled through the nostrils, excites the cilia, and, as a result, intensifies the sensitivity of smell and taste – a celebration of the senses.

The process of puffing and sipping has its own pattern and rhythm too. Think of it as a dance. Start with a puff of your cigar as you would usually do. Follow with a sip of tea and let the flavours and aromas travel inside your mouth and through your nostrils, respectively. Repeat the process with your own pace and flow. Soon you will acknowledge that with every puff, you will be tasting an increasingly refined and stronger smoke. That’s when you will have finally come to realise the true magic of matching a Habano with a cuppa of fine tea.

Cigar & Tea Pairings - Annabel's - EGM Cigars

Pairing Cuban cigars with tea at the private members' club Annabel's, London

Puffing Cuban Cigars for Sale Online with a drink is always a great idea as doing so would maximize the pleasure of your smoking experience. Tea – a very much underappreciated beverage, has proven to be an exquisite companion to every cigar aficionado’s smoking journey but only if paired properly. Why not learn more about Habanos from our latest posts.