Top Cuban Cigars to Smoke in Less than an Hour

Top Cuban Cigars to Smoke in Less than an Hour


A ritual of leisure, smoking Cuban Cigars is not something to rush through. The process of puffing a Habano is an act of great relaxation and ease as most great puros require a certain amount of time in order to fully develop its aromas and flavours. However, in some cases, smoking a cigar for over an hour is a luxury that cannot be afforded. Both pleasant and quick, a short smoke is perfect for when the time is of the essence. Having said that, in today’s post we look at the best cigars to smoke in less than an hour, fitting for every occasion.


A LUNCH BREAK SMOKE – It’s the 21st century and, like any modern professional, your schedule looks always busy. From managing multiple responsibilities to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, balancing a demanding work routine with an active social life can cause quite a few struggles. There is not always enough time to leisurely enjoy a fine cigar and instead, you need to settle for a quick smoke, just to take the edge off during your lunch break. 

Ideal for a quick smoke, the Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas Cigar is wrapped in a magnificent Petit Coronas, containing some of the best Cuban tobacco. Measuring at 110 mm by a 42 ring gauge, this small but mighty puro is the ideal everyday smoke – perfect for a lunch break relaxation. If you are looking for a lighter in flavours but an equally exceptional Habano, the Quintero Londres Extra Cigar is the right one for you. Capable of producing a medium flavoured profile, this puro guarantees a thirty to forty minutes smoke making it a great choice for a quick smoke at your lunch break.

Ramon_Allones_SmallClub_Coronas_Quintero_Londres_Extra cigar EGM Cigars

Left: Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas Cigar, Right: Quintero Londres Extra Cigar


IN BETWEEN MEETING – Despite the amount of workload occupying our modern lives, work meetings take as much time and effort as any other responsibility. From group discussions with your colleges to appointments with potential clients, a relaxing and decompressing break between your meetings is very much needed. Speaking of relaxing, there’s nothing more soothing yet satisfying to the senses than having a quick smoke. It’s just the right ritual to reward yourself for all the hard work and stress that you so delicately handle.

Part of Cohiba’s La Linea 1942, the Cohiba Siglo I Cigar is short in length yet capable of producing strong and complex aromas. One of the smallest Cuban Cigars for Sale Online, this puro is 102 mm long with a 40 ring gauge, ideal for a quick smoke in between meetings. One of the best tiny hand made puros on the market to this day, the Montecristo Joyitas Cigar is made entirely from long-filler tobacco leaves and has a medium to full flavoured profile. Offering a distinctive floral aroma, the smaller format of the Joyitas cigar makes it the perfect smoke for in a fast in between meetings puff.

cohiba siglo i cuban cigars montecristo joyitas cigars EGM Cigars

Left: Cohiba Siglo I Cigar, Right: Montecristo Joyitas Cigar 


BEFORE YOUR FLIGHT – A short Habano isn’t of need only when at work. There are certain occasions when you simply cannot spend over an hour or, in some cases, even two puffing a fine Romeo Y Julieta Cigar. Waiting for your flight is one of these cases when smoking a large cigar can be an issue. Whether you are travelling for professional reasons or just for leisure, there is nothing wrong with having a quick smoke at the designated smoking area or even at an airport’s cigar lounge. However, since time is of the essence, you are in need of a short yet flavoursome smoke.

Small but powerful, the Partagas Coronas Junior Cigar is the perfect puro to puff while waiting for your flight. Capable of producing a well-balanced smoke, this Habano features a Coronitas vitola offering around thirty minutes of pure smoking pleasure. Looking for a milder yet interesting puro to puff? Ranked as one of the best twenty-five cigars for 2015, the Trinidad Vigia Cigar is rightfully one of the best smokes in the word. Short in length but with a medium profile, this puro is more than just a Regular Production Cigar – an excellent Habano to enjoy while waiting at the airport.

trinidad vigia cigar partagas coronas junior cigar

Left: Trinidad Vigia Cigar, Right: Partagas Coronas Junior Cigar

Despite the occasions we discuss above, a short puro can be smoked in many other instances and under various circumstances. Choosing a short smoke doesn’t always imply that you are in a hurry as you can puff any of the above Cuban Cigars Online simply because they are great Habanos. Are you a fan of our blog already? Read more of our latest posts now and discover what makes Cuban cigars so special.