The Stress Relieving Properties of Smoking Cigars

The Stress Relieving Properties of Smoking Cigars


Science has linked high stress levels to a number of physical ailments including heart disease and Parkinson’s syndrome. A recent study of the British Mental Health Foundation shows that 74% of UK adults experience discomfort due to high stress levels. In the fast-paced world we’re all living in, stress and anxiety seem to have gradually developed into a modern day plague. Besides being a treat for the senses, smoking Cuban Cigars can also be an excellent stress relieving method. Having said that, in today’s post we discuss the stress and anxiety relieving benefits of smoking cigars.

lighting a habano at the garden lounge of the corinthia hotel london

Lighting a Habano at The Garden Lounge in Corinthia Hotel, London


THE PHYSICAL ACT – In most cases, elevated blood pressure is the result of high stress levels. Surprisingly, the process of puffing a cigar can significantly reduce a smoker’s anxiety. The answer lies in the simplicity of the smoking habit. To elaborate, the harmonious process of puffing a cigar, savouring its aromas and flavours can calm jangly nerves. It’s a ritual that allows smokers to disconnect from the chaotic world and lose themselves in the repetitiveness of the smoking habit. A puro that guarantees an anxiety-free experience, the La Gloria Cubana Invictos Cigar (Ex. Italia 2018) measures at 124 mm by a 50 ring gauge and produces a number of medium yet well-balanced flavours making it the ideal choice for a stress relieving smoke.

NICOTINE AS A CHEMICAL RELAXANT – Medically speaking, Cuban Cigars Online serve as the most effective natural tranquilisers. In particular, cigars supply the human body with nicotine, which is known as a great chemical relaxant. Going into further detail, the average puro contains somewhere between 100 to 200 mg of nicotine while an average cigarette has only 10 mg each. That been said, a smoker would need to smoke more than ten cigarettes to get the same amount of relaxant as they would typically get when smoking a fine Habano. A smoke full of strong yet smooth aromas, the Montecristo Especial No. 2 Cigar is capable of producing a fantastic bouquet of strong flavours – providing just the right amount of nicotine to be classified as a natural tranquiliser.

Left: La Gloria Cubana Invictos Cigar (Ex. Italia 2018) Right: Montecristo Especial No.2 Cigar


REDUCE RISKS OF PARKINSON’S DISEASE – Recent scientific studies have also demonstrated that cigars are capable of reducing the risks of Parkinson’s syndrome. The evidence of that research offers a very simple explanation. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information of the United States, cigar smoking increases the production of dopamine in the brain. Neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s syndrome result from low dopamine levels. Therefore, puffing a cigar like the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial for instance, can significantly lower a smoker’s chances to develop Parkinson’s syndrome.

THE PLEASURE AND LEISURE – The sweet joy of doing something enjoyable can rapidly reduce someone’s stress levels. Having said so, there could be no better way to overcome anxiety than to completely surrender to your one true guilty pleasure – smoking cigars. Whether you choose to smoke only on special occasions or you are a cigar enthusiast, take the time to spoil yourself with the flavours of a great Habano. The Bolivar Soberanos Edicion Limitada 2018 is just the right one for this occasion. Well known for its full and distinctive flavours, this Limited Editions Cigar is aged for over nine months and produces a well balanced yet aromatic scent - an ideal stress-free smoke.

Bolivar_Soberanos_edition limitada_2018_-_EGM_Cigars_

Bolivar Soberanos Edicion Limitada 2018 Cigar 

Despite being popular for their exceptional manufacture and high quality materials, Habanos have the potential to benefit smokers in many ways. Being natural tranquilisers, Cuban Cigars for Sale Online can significantly contribute to lowering a smoker’s stress and anxiety levels. So all you have to do now is simply puff away. Keep on reading more of our latest blog posts where we explore everything Cigars related.