Ramon Allones Cigars: Troubling History Behind the Brand

Ramon Allones Cigars: Troubling History Behind the Brand


Continuing with our series Behind the Brand – editorials exploring the beguiling history of the brands that produce some of the biggest Cuban Cigars online, we focus on a name which has witness one of the most complex pasts – triumphs and setbacks in equal measure. Our most recent posts from the series include:


Ramon Allones Cigars began in 1837 by two brothers named Ramon and Antonia. As one of the oldest still in production, the brand has witnessed many new ownerships and has been affected drastically by events in history. Once at the pinnacle of being in the top selling cigar brands from Cuba, Ramon Allones is recognised for deep flavours which embody complex and intense tones. Ramon himself went on to become Cuba’s great cigar pioneer, forever altering the island’s habano story.

SUCCESS WITH HUNTERS – Early on, the company was purchased by Hunters (now known as Hunters & Frankau – British distributors of Habanos SA). With Hunters at the helm, Ramon Allones flourished. In 1927, there were more than 60 different Vitolas from the company to select, and the name was considered a juggernaut in the industry. Alas, this was not to remain. A World War erupted, and everything changed.

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Top Left: Ramon Allones brand logo, Top Right: Partagas 25 Series No. 1 Cigar, Bottom: Ramon Allones Specially Selected Cigar


"predominantly sold in Britain"

THE PARTAGAS FACTORY – Partagas Cigars fell in the hands of Ramon Cifuentes, who is acknowledged as being responsible for the brand’s global success. With his son, the family partnership went on to purchase Ramon Allones and moved production to the Partagas Factory – where the cigars continue being made today. The wide variety of sizes decreased due to Second World War restrictions. Ramon Allones were predominantly sold in Britain, so sales were hit far harder than other brands such as Hoyo de Monterrey Cigars.

BRITISH ADORATION – According to Cigar Journal, Ramon Allones UK turnover was three times higher than Montecristo’s in 1970, but a decade later, positions had reversed. It seems the brand didn’t recover well when the war ended. Adding to the pre-revolutionary brand’s troubles, nationalisation came into place and the brand seemed to get lost amongst other cigar names. Cuba’s state company Cubatabaco, decreased vitolas drastically in 1978, leading to a mere three standard vitolas remaining presently.

REGIONAL EDITION SUCCESS – Though the brand faltered and its glory days are from a bygone era, the quality, luxury and artistry have not changed. And with Habanos SA launching Regional Editions Cigars in 2005, prosperity has risen. Ramon Allones has been selected the most for Regionals. Our favourites include the Ramon Allones Hexagone Cigar (Ex Francia 2016), and the Ramon Allones Patagon Cigar. The latter being the first Regional for South America. Red pepper and wood marry together to present an intense and medium to full flavoured aroma. Regional Editions, similar to Limited Editions Cigars, are the most exclusive and unique – collection pieces for every humidor.

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Top Left: Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas Cigar, Top Right: Ramon Allones Patagon Cigar, Bottom Left: Ramon Allones Club Allones 2015 Cigar box EL, Bottom Right: Ramon Allones Hexagone Cigar 

"influenced many factory owners"

RAMON INNOVATION – Ramon Allones significantly altered the presentation of Cuban cigars. He was the first to decorate boxes inside – labels stamped with his brand’s logo, and introduced the concept of boxes with 25 cigars. Ramon’s pioneering packaging innovation has influenced many factory owners, and is used by nearly all habano brands to this day. Like many of the biggest names, tobacco is sourced from Vuelta Abajo in Cuba. Opulent dark wrappers, long filler and totally hand made.

LASTING LEGACY – Though Ramon Allones has reached many highs and many lows, the name continues to be admired and known by aficionados around the world. Along with Gigantes, the Specially Selected are two of their most distinguished sizes. The Ramon Allones Specially Selected Cigar provides a complex and dynamic smoke. The flavours are charmingly sophisticated – coffee, marzipan and tantalising citrus. The Ramon Allones Superiores Cigar meanwhile, was produced only for La Casa del Habano stores, yet the cigars have become an international favourite.

The legacy of Ramon Allones – full essences, spotless construction and great burning quality, all ties into the fact that the brand has lived on for more than a century – just shy of twenty years before two centuries. While dips in sales have occurred, the company continues producing nothing short of excellence with their cigars for sale online.