The Science Behind Cuban Cigars: Why They Are the Best

The Science Behind Cuban Cigars: Why They Are the Best

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Frank Liszt once said, “A good Cuban cigar closes the doors to the vulgarities of the world”. His emphasis is predominantly on the word “Cuban”. See you can buy cigars online which have originated from countless hot countries, though they would never be able to match a habano, or as Liszt remarked, close the world’s vulgarities. Some suggest more than a 100 steps are needed in order to produce Cuban cigars, and the process involved is one which has been perfected since Christopher Columbus discovered Havana in 1492.

CUBAN SCIENTISTS AND REGULATION – According to, early myth once believed the superiority of Cuban cigars were due to women. Specifically, “biracial Cuban women” who rolled the cigars in their laps., noted the similarities between cigar and wine production, stating – “as for many fine wines, fine cigars from Cuba have tight rules and regulations that must be followed to ensure only the highest quality is produced”. Quite often in life, expectations and publicity make something appear extraordinary, until you try it yourself and realise the most extraordinary thing is that it’s anything but. After John F. Kennedy imposed an embargo on Havana, the appeal of habanos as a sought-after item grew, and everywhere began to feel the Cuban cigar temptation. The difference with them however, is that the cigars live up to every conceivable praise and admiration. As Oxford Wine further explained, special scientists devote their expertise to choosing the “perfect seed to react well with Cuban soils”. It takes around nine months alone, between soil preparation and harvesting.

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Cuba's Amigos de Partagas Event - famed as a reference for slow smokers


"Nitrate helps add flavour and power to the tobacco"

THE BEST TOBACCO SOIL – Havana really is the most ideal place to produce tobacco. The combination between country and plant, is like putting together salt and pepper. It’s like perfume from Paris and pizza from Italy. When Vox asked, “Are Cuban cigars really better?”, they uncovered that cigar experts – even in a blind taste test, preferred Cubans and confidently knew the difference. In the Vuelta Abajo region of Pinar del Rio, the greatest tobacco is formulated. A mix of temperature, humidity and subsoil all form together. reported on some experts who claim plants in the Vuelta Abajo region “have a higher concentration of nitrate”. As the article goes on to say, the nitrate helps add flavour and power to the tobacco. Cohiba Cigars are legendary in the cigar world and because Fidel Castro favoured them, they have first choice in the best tobacco area. They are the only brand additionally, who use fermented leaves in barrels and season for no less than three years. Our Cohiba Siglo V Cigar is one of Cohiba’s finest and infuses rich mocha flavours with a hint of spice.

HERITAGE AND TRADITION – Cuban cigars have long been known for their history of craftsmanship. The respect Havana shows to its past is displayed in every single cigar – classic methods are still used currently. Habanos focus on hand-making and use knowledge and experience over technology. Traditional rolling of cigars is considered the most dependable technique, which has been practiced for over 200 years. In our post “How to Roll a Cigar”, we gave a guide on the different ways torcedores use to make, including popular ‘bunching methods’.  Por Larrañaga Cigars began in 1834 and are believed to be one of the oldest brands who still produce traditional Havana cigars. The Por Larrañaga Picadores Cigar is very beloved online. Its 127mm length and 48 ring gauge is fantastic for a quick smoke, and a box of the cigars beautifully presented would make an exceptional gift.

Science Behind Cuban Cigars - EGM Cigars

A selection of premium Cuban Cigars - From the Left: Montecristo Dantes Cigar Limited Edition 2016, Second: Cohiba Talismán Cigar Limited Edition 2017. Third: Por Larranga Panetelas Cigar, Fourth: Trinidad Topes Cigar Limited Edition 2016

"described in the works of fine poets" 

HABANOS ROMANTICISM – With history, comes timelessness. An element of romance, described in the works of fine poets. When we wrote about “The Art Between a Creative and Their Cuban Cigar”, we referenced Rudyard Kipling and his classic line “Light me another Cuba”. The countless famous artists we also cited, from Ernest Hemingway to Alfred Hitchcock and modern stars such as Jack Nicholson, add to the romanticism of Cuban cigars. When you smoke, you become acutely aware that you’re spending time in the same way extraordinary figures from the past spent theirs.

To buy Cuban Cigars, is to buy a wonderful mix between science and art. Our Romeo y Julieta Tacos Cigar is a 2018 limited edition and soon to be sold-out like other limited editions from this year. Extravagantly presented in a decorated box and with a grand, earthly aroma, it is the perfect cigar to add to your humidor collection.