Top 5 Cuban Cigars to Invest Your Money

Top 5 Cuban Cigars to Invest Your Money

Some like to invest in companies’ stocks. Others prefer investing in bonds, mutual funds, or even ETFs. We, on the other hand, like to have our money right where we can see them; safely secured inside our humidor. Cuban Cigars can be an excellent investment option since sticks tend to raise in value the more they age. Why investing in cigars is actually a great financial plan you may wonder? Do not worry though fellow cigar aficionado, we have all the answers to your questions. Without any further ado, today we are discussing the reasons why investing in Cuban Cigars Online proves to be a great financial strategy and offering you the top 5 smokes that guarantee to make a run for their money.


RARITY – Many times in the past, we have talked about the value of rare, Limited Edition, or Vintage Cigars and how this contributes to the collectability of these smokes. Nevertheless, by value we do not simply mean uniqueness but financial prosperity as well. For instance, investing in a cigar limited to 2,000 boxes today can potentially raise its value hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in only a few years’ time. The only thing to keep in mind is to secure that your cigars are safely stored inside a good humidor and that the temperature, humidity, and moisture of their environment is constantly monitored. Beautiful inside and out, the S.T. Dupont Humidor guarantees to keep your smokes safe and sound, raising their value day by day.

MATURITY – Another factor that contributes to raising the value of cigars is maturity. The more a cigar is aged the better its flavours and aromas become; making it a very much sought after smoke amongst aficionados. That, also, explains why Vintage and aged cigars are relatively more expensive than their regular production cousins. The maturity of a cigar can significantly influence its overall financial value, establishing habanos as a great form of investment.

montecristo 80th aniversario cigar egm cigars

Montecristo 80th Aniversario Cigar


CIGAR INVESTMENTS – Not all cigars will make good investments. A regular production smoke won’t raise in value over time as much as a cigar of limited edition. Therefore, our first and foremost advice to you, is to choose to invest in a smoke that its production is restricted to a few thousand, or even hundreds. This will ultimately make your investment pay off sooner than you think.

Handmade using tobacco leaves sourced from plantations at the prominent Vuelta Abajo region, the Romeo y Julieta Fabulosos No. 2 Cigar makes an excellent investment opportunity. First released in 2016 as the 15th “Habanos books” launch, Fabulosos is presented within a lacquered box reminiscent of a beautiful book. Unique inside and out, the Romeo y Julieta collection book will certainly raise in value over the next few years.

A product as rare as the Fabulosos, we can’t help but include the El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme Coleccion Vintage Jar to our list. With its production limited to only 1,000 units, this jar was exclusively created for the French market in an attempt to replicate the original Partagas jars produced nearly a hundred years ago. The jar is inspired from a Spanish and Mexican pottery tradition, widely known as talavera, and is decorated with a floral inspired design in white and royal blue; all in all, the best cigar product to invest your money in.

Of course, we couldn’t leave outside the Montecristo 80th Aniversario Cigar even if we wanted to. Measuring at 165 mm in length by a ring gauge of 55, this smoke delivers a medium to full strength, typical of Montecristo Cigars. The 80th Aniversario cigar made its first appearance during the XVII Festival del Habano, commemorating the brand’s 80th anniversary. If that doesn’t make this smoke a great investment, then we surely don’t know what does.

el rey del mundo choix supreme coleccion vintage jar and romeo y julieta fabulosos no 2 cigar collection book egm cigars

Left: El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme Coleccion Vintage Jar, Right: Romeo y Julieta Fabulosos No.2 Collection Book

Not that we would expect anything less from this brand, but the Cohiba Siglo IV 8+8 Año del Cerdo Cigar exceeded all our expectations. Released as to pay tribute to the Chinese New Year 2019, Year of the Pig, the production of the Año del Cerdo Cigar was restricted down to 2,000 boxes, making it a collectable. Handmade by naturally sourced tobacco leaves, this smoke is as good to invest your money in as it is to smoke. 

We saved the best for last. With only 225 humidors manufactured, the Ramon Alones Hunters & Frankau 225th Aniversario Humidor guarantees to double your money in only a few years’ time. Home to a total of 100 cigars and an exclusive Havana Club rum, this humidor pays tribute to the 225th anniversary of UK’s importers of Habanos, Hunters & Frankau. All 225 humidors were made in Italy and signed by the director of Hunters & Frankau herself, Jemma Freeman, adding to the overall value of this truly one of a kind cigar product.

cohiba siglo iv 8+8 ano del cerdo cuban cigars for sale online

Cohiba Siglo IV 8+8 Año del Cerdo Cigar

Despite their irresistible flavours and aromas, cigars can also serve as investments. As we have discussed above, we have a great selection of Cuban Cigars for Sale Online for you to both smoke and put your money in. Waste no more time. Head to our Cuban Cigar Shop and buy your sticks now. If you enjoyed reading this post, visit our Cuban Cigar Blog and stay up-to-date with everything that goes around the cigar world.