Top 5 Cuban Cigars to Smoke for Over an Hour

Top 5 Cuban Cigars to Smoke for Over an Hour

As they say in the world of business “time is money”, so we should all better invest on it thoughtfully. And what a better way to invest in time than with the ritual of smoking Cuban Cigars. In the past we have many times looked at all these smokes which are ideal to puff when the time is of the essence, however, in today’s post we flip that coin and look things from a different perspective. That been said, in today’s post we offer you the ultimate guide on the best five long Cuban Cigars Online to help you make the most of your smoking experience.


PUNCH DIADEMAS EXTRA – First and foremost in our list is no other but the beautiful inside and out Punch Diademas Extra Cigar (Ex. Italia 2008). Measuring at 242 mm in length by a ring gauge of 52, this smoke is one of the longest Cuban Cigars on the market, guaranteeing a long-lasting yet flavoursome smoking experience. Although the cigar was scheduled to be released in 2008, its production started sometime in 2009 while it became available for sale a year later, in 2010. Diademas Extra is part of Habanos S.A Regional Edition releases with only 1020 boxes exclusively handmade for the Italian market. If that doesn't make a cigar unique, then we don't know what does.

TRINIDAD FUNDADORES – A cigar that has its very own legacy, we could not leave outside our list the Trinidad Fundadores Cigar. Featuring a Laguito Especial vitola that measures at 192 mm long by a 40 ring gauge, Fundadores is certainly one of the most sought after long Cuban cigars. The history of these smokes is as long as their physical appearance. Fundadores was first manufactured specifically for Cuba’s most influential political figure, Fidel Castro. However, as the cigar started to become increasingly popular, Trinidad Cigars included Fundadores into their regular portfolio, making it a classic amongst cigar beginners and aficionados who have a weak spot for full-bodied flavours.

punch diademas extra ex italia 2018 begm cigars

Punch Diademas Extra Cigar Ex. Italia 2018 


COHIBA LANCEROS – Slim looking and exquisite in flavours, the Cohiba Lanceros Cigar is no doubt one of the Best Cuban Cigars to come in a lengthier size. Coming in 192 mm long by a thin ring gauge of 39, this long smoke is definitely amongst the most lucrative Cuban cigars out there. Handmade using tobacco leaves sourced from Cuba’s most premium plantations, the Cohiba Lanceros Cigar is beautiful inside and out, capable of delivering a medium to full flavoured profile, characteristic of Cohiba Cigars.

ROMEO Y JULIETA FABULOSOS NO. 2 – When looking at the packaging of Cuban cigars, the Romeo y Julieta Fabulosos No. 2 Cigar is amongst the winners. Beautifully presented in a lacquered boite nature box shaped into a stunning looking black book, Fabulosos immediately catches every aficionado’s attention. A smoke that provides the smoker with a long yet highly pleasurable smoking experience, Fabulosos measures at 190 mm in length by a ring gauge of 52 and, thus, is classified as one of the best long Cuban smokes.

HOYO DE MONTERREY MARAVILLAS – Last but certainly not least, the Hoyo de Monterrey Maravillas Cigar is the last to join our list. Coming in a Maravillas vitola that measures at 230 mm long by a 55 ring gauge, this cigar truly stands out from the rest due to its long yet beautiful appearance, incredible aromas, and distinctive presentation. In a similar way with Fabulosos No. 2, Maravillas is encased inside a lacquered boite nature box which is beautifully curved into a book. Packed with plenty of medium flavours, Maravillas is a rare and hard to find smoke, perfect for the cigar connoisseur.

cohiba lanceros cigar and trinidad fundadores cigar egm cigars

Left: Cohiba Lanceros Cigar, Right: Trinidad Fundadores Cigar

Lengthy Cuban cigars are the best smokes to assist every aficionado in their smoking ritual. Whether you prefer smokes of mild intensity or strong cigars, visit our Cuban Cigar Shop today and get the ideal smoke to your taste buds. Find out more about the fascinating world of habanos from our daily-updated Cuban Cigar Blog.