Looks Matter: Eccentric Cigar Boxes

Looks Matter: Eccentric Cigar Boxes

Welcome to the visual age, where presentation, imagery, and looks influence the worldwide market on a daily basis. From high-end luxury items to grocery products, packaging has grown to become as important as the product itself, having a strong impact on any buyer’s shopping list. Why? Because it’s pretty, of course. And if you thought that the world of Cuban Cigars would stay behind during the uprise of visualisation, you are deeply mistaken. From lucrative jars to unusual cases, in today’s post we take a look at the most eccentric cigar packages on the market, discussing what makes these products stand out from the rest of our Cuban Cigars Online.


THE CLASSIC BOX – Since the creation of the first cigar box by Herman Upmann, the founding father of H. Upmann cigars, cigar boxes have left their indelible mark throughout the history of habanos. In short, Herman Upmann was the first one to ever use slide-lid cedar boxes in order to send cigars from different factories all the way to Europe, to the most well-respected clients of his family’s banking business. Although the slide-lid cedar box that H. Upmann introduced to the world remains a classic to this day, cigar boxes have been reinvented multiple time over the years. From the lacquered case used for the Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos Cigar to the boite nature boxes bejewelled with clasps, Cuban cigar boxes represent the tremendous evolution that the industry has witnessed over the last few decades.

HUMIDORS – Aside from the simple yet beautiful cigar box, certain smokes are being released as Limited Editions, presented within well-designed humidors. All of these humidors are exclusively created for specific launches while their production number remains extremely low, making them a highly valuable and sought after product. Incredible inside and out, the Ramon Allones Hunters & Frankau 225th Aniversario Humidor makes our case to the full. Home to a total of 100 cigars and a Havana Club rum exclusively brewed for this release, this humidor was manufactured in Calvenzano, Italy by the well-respected manufacturer DeART S.r.l. Only 225 humidors were created, with every single one of them been personally signed by the managing director of Hunters & Frankau, Jemma Freeman, making this product truly unique and of rare value.


Ramon Allones Hunters & Frankau 225th Aniversario Humidor


TALAVERA JARS – It never hurts going a bit extra, and that’s why cigar jars are here for. Despite their beautiful design and sophisticated looks, cigar jars have written their own history in the habano world. The first cigar jars were introduced sometime in the 1930s by Partagas Cigars. After becoming instantly likeable amongst cigar aficionados, this form of packaging has slowly yet efficiently taken over the cigar world, one brand at a time. One of the most recent releases is the El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme Coleccion Vintage Jar. Desired by cigar beginners as well as experienced smokers, this jar encloses nineteen cigars all of which are coming in a Hermoso No. 4 vitola that measures at 127 mm in length by a ring gauge of 48. The jar is inspired by a Spanish and Mexican ceramics tradition known as talavera and is made from the finest bone china, decorated with a floral inspired design in blue and white. All in all, a one of a kind product that speaks to the true cigar collector.

HABANOS BOOKS – The relationship between cigars and literature is certainly strong enough that inspired Habanos S.A. to release cigars presented within book-shaped cases. This is as beautiful as it is unconventional. Many brands have launched a collection book release, including Hoyo de Monterrey and Cohiba Cigars. Nevertheless, we have a weak spot for a certain habanos book released back in 2016. Of course, we are talking about no other but the Romeo y Julieta Fabulosos No. 2 Collection Book. Twenty Fabulosos No. 2 cigars are presented in a lacquered boite nature box shaped into a beautiful black book that carries the brand's emblem on its cover. What more an aficionado could possibly ask for?

el rey del mundo choix supreme coleccion vintage jar of cuban cigars romeo and juliet fabulosos no 2 collection book egm cigars

Left: El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme Coleccion Vintage Jar, Right: Romeo y Julieta Fabulosos No. 2 Collection Book

Over the years, the cigar industry has not just evolved in terms of tobacco blends, but, also, regarding packaging and presentation. From round shaped cases to classic slide-lid boite nature boxes, purchase your smoke from our wide selection of Cuban Cigars for Sale Online. Don’t miss out the chance to learn more about the world of cigars from our daily updated Cuban Cigar Blog.