Sweet Like Chocolate: 3 Chocolate Cigars to Try

Sweet Like Chocolate: 3 Chocolate Cigars to Try

Recently we explored the Flavours and Notes in Tasting Cigars – the most common categories being: nutty, earthy and spices. But there are many more flavours that can be found in a single stick. We very briefly touched on chocolate flavours in Cuban cigars. We know that it is a flavour loved by many aficionados. So, today we wanted to give you 3 chocolate tasting cigars that you need to try.


 THE POWER OF CHOCOLATE – Now, you cannot underestimate the power of chocolate! It contains several compounds that are associated with mood-lifting chemicals in your brain. We know, that makes it that extra bit harder to resist! 

Romeo y Julieta Churchill Cigar.egm

The Romeo y Julieta Churchill Cigar. 


ROMEO Y JULIETA CHURCHILL – We’re sure you aficionados would have heard of this Romeo y Julieta smoke. Named after the iconic British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill – its format certainly emulates his reign. Featuring a Julieta No.2 vitola, it measures at 178mm by a 47 ring gauge. You can expect a blend of vanilla, espresso, cedar and fruit notes – with a touch of chocolate. This pick is great for those of you with a sweet tooth! 

H.Upmann Royal Robusto LCDH Cigar.egm

The H.Upmann Royal Robusto LCDH Cigar.


H.UPMANN ROYAL ROBUSTO LCDH CIGAR – This LCDH edition cigar comes wrapped in a luxurious shiny brown wrapper – it’s known particularly for its well-constructed format. The H. Upmann delivers a flavourful smoking experience. Beginning with black chocolate and spicy cedar and pepper notes. Finishing with some more floral tones. It’s a great choice for those of you who are looking for a light-medium strength smoke – whilst still getting deep flavours.

Cohiba Coronas Especiales Cigar.egm

The Cohiba Coronas Especiales Cigar.


COHIBA CORONAS ESPECIALES CIGAR – This Cohiba measures at an elegant 152mm by a 38 ring gauge. It features the classic Cohiba mix of cedar tones mixed with dark chocolate. With it’s sweet, woody aromas – this cigar makes a great pair for your post-dinner smoke. 

We bet you are salivating at the thought of these cigars – we know we are! So, what are you waiting for? You can get each of these Cuban cigars online from our very own Cuban cigar shop. You own it to yourself to kick back and indulge in a rich, chocolaty smoke! Whilst doing so, you can have a read of our Cuban cigar blog: