Female Cigar Smokers: Pushing Patriarchal Boundaries

Female Cigar Smokers: Pushing Patriarchal Boundaries

Patriarchy, a state of male dominance, has been oppressing women since the dawn of time. Stereotypes to follow, roles to fulfil, and misconceptions that socially degrade them, women have been identified as the weakest link in the social chain for centuries. Nevertheless, female figures that stood bravely against patriarchy, protesting against the unfair treatment of women and the inequality between the two sexes, employed any mean necessary for their goal. Short hairstyles, ground-breaking sex appeal, androgynous style, and smoking Cuban Cigars constitute only a few of the ways that iconic female figures used in order to detest male dominance in their fight towards equality. Commemorating March as Women’s History Month, today we are looking at all the monumental female cigar smokers who positively influenced in their own personal ways the progression of feminist movements, projecting a rebellious attitude towards patriarchy.


MIA FARROW – American actress and activist, Mia Farrow is known for having starred in approximately 50 different films, making her a true film legend. The talent of the popular actress has been distinguished countless times as Farrow has been nominated for multiple Golden Globe and BAFTA Awards. Regardless her successful career in the film industry, Mia Farrow has been a feminist icon for decades. Particularly, in 1968’s Rosemary’s Baby, the actress underwent a big transformation that is considered a big feminist step to this day. During the movie, the actress appeared in a very short haircut, reminiscing of a men’s hairstyle. A haircut of such short length was considered ground-breaking and highly risky at that time since social aesthetics required for a woman to have long healthy looking hair. However, Mia Farrow challenged the male-dominated world with a habano too.

The successful actress never cared to hide her cigar smoking habit but, on the contrary, she has even been caught on camera while puffing a habano. Mia Farrow is more of an occasional cigar smoker and she usually enjoys thin gauged and light in intensity cigars. Popular for being one of the slimmest cigars on the market, the Cohiba Panetelas Cigar would be certainly amongst Farrow’s cigar choices. Coming in 115 mm long by a 26 ring gauge, the panatelas habano is one of the smallest from our selection of Cuban Cigars Online but still delivering plenty of aromas, typical of Cohiba Cigars.


MARLENE DIETRICH – Hollywood star and successful actress, Dietrich was a feminist icon that challenged the stereotypical interpretation of women back in her time. Marlene was born in 1901 in Berlin. The actress is popular for her longstanding career in the film industry as Dietrich starred in films from the 1910s all the way to the 1980s. Besides her long-established film legacy, the actress was very much known for her vibrant sex appeal and her overpowering femininity – always pushing patriarchal values to their limits. Like many successful performers and film starts, Dietrich was considered as one of the most desirable women back in her filming days – a true sex symbol. At this point, it worths mentioning that women of strong sexual appeal were mostly considered as decadent in Dietrich’s time, fallen from a state of holiness and purity. However, the actress’s appeal and vibrant femininity questioned this patriarchal notion. Moreover, Marlene Dietrich was known for being a strong and independent woman in her personal life as much as in her career. In particular, the actress is considered as one of the most empowering female figures to come from old Hollywood to this day.

Despite her femininity and intense sexual appeal, Dietrich pushed the patriarchal boundaries by being both a cigarette and a cigar smoker too. Cigars were her loyal company, helping her relax after a long day while many claim that Dietrich prefered habanos of strong and complex aromas. In the film “Touch of Evil”, the actress even appears smoking a cigar, serving as an undeniable testimony to Marlene Dietrich’s love of habanos. A smoke that would certainly please the legendary actress, the Ramon Allones Hermitage (Ex. Rusia 2017) Cigar is amongst our favourites to come from the brand. Measuring at 140 mm by a ring gauge of 52, this LCDH Editions puro is perfect for cigar smokers familiar with deeper strengths and intense flavours.

Female cigar smokers marlene dietrich EGm Cigars

Top: Marlene Dietrich smoking a cigar in the film "Touch of Evil", Left Bottom: Marlene Dietrich posing in an androgynous look, Right Bottom: Porttrait of Hollywood actrMarlenelene Dietrich 


MADONNA – One of the most influencing female figures of our generation, Madonna is possibly one of the most controversial personas to ever come from the music industry. Style icon, trendsetter, and a tireless feminist, Madonna never feared pushing patriarchal boundaries and challenging masculinity. Her interpretation of androgynous style and her quite masculine looking poses has not only inspired female empowerment but also served as a major fashion trend back in the days. Overall, Madonna is known for challenging anything that is exclusively linked with men and male dominance. Of course, the ritual of smoking cigars has been one of these once male-dominated habits.

Whether posing or simply captured by paparazzi while puffing on a cigar, Madonna smokes habanos not just because she likes them but, also, in an effort to exploit cigars as an instrument of contemporary feminism. The pop star has never been private about her views on patriarchy as she has many times argued that women should never be defined by domesticated values. Amongst the many cigars that Madonna has been spotted smoking, the Hoyo de Monterrey Hermosos No. 4 Anejados Cigar is certainly our favourite. Aged for approximately eight years, the anejados habano is well-known for its rich yet light flavoured profile.

female cigars smokers Madonna EGM Cigars

Pop-star Madonna posing in an androgynous look while smoking a cigar

Even before the rise of feminist movements, women have been smoking cigars not only because they enjoy them but also in an attempt to challenge patriarchy and pursue equality sex equality. Whether you agree or not with women’s tactic of exploiting habanos as an instrument of contemporary feminism, Cuban Cigars for Sale Online are to be enjoyed by anyone regardless their sex or gender. Take a look at our Cuban Cigar Blog and find out more about the inspiring world of habanos: