It's All About That Winning Cigar: NBA Finals

It's All About That Winning Cigar: NBA Finals

Article Updated and Revisited on 31/05/19

In light of the National Basketball Association (NBA) Finals kicking off, or should we say throwing off this week, we wanted to get into the sporting spirit of things and take a look at some successful basketball players, past and present, who smoke classic Cuban cigars to celebrate some of their most cherished and biggest achievements.


THE GAME - The NBA Finals occur annually, taking place every June in the United States of America. Two conferences make up the National Basketball Associate, Eastern and Western, and both compete in a best of seven game series for the title of league champion. The winning team gets awarded the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. Of course, Cuban Cigars could not be left aside from such a special event

In greater detail, cigars, and particularly Limited Edition Cuban Cigars, are usually saved for special occasions and smoked as a form of celebration and a well-earned spoil. distinguished athletes are known to ‘light up’ smokes in order to commemorate a game, event, title, or trophy and always speak fondly of the pleasure they find in such moments.

lebron james, red aurbach and michael jordan smoking cigars egm cigars

Top Left: LeBron James celebrating a victory with a Cuban cigar, Top Right: On his 75th birthday, Red Auerbach smokes cigars with his former Celtics players Tommy Heinson, Larry Byrd, John Havlicek and Bob Cousy in Boston, Bottom: Cigar enthusiast, Michael Jordan, smoking a cigar.


MICHAEL JORDAN - One of the most iconic players in the NBA Finals is, of course, Michael Jordan. Jordan as captain of the Chicago Bulls led the team to six NBA Championships, won five Most Valuable Player awards and scored a whopping total of 1,176 points in the finals. If these statistics don't show a true basketball legend, then we certainly don't know what does.

An avid cigar aficionado, Michael Jordan is known to smoke a cigar after every great game. In fact, Jordan told Cigar Aficionado, that he smoked his first cigar in 1991 after winning the championship, when Jerry Reinsdorf gave him one of his cigars. Personally, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate!

In a recent interview, the basketball star shared that he’s in love with Cuban cigars and that his favourite smokes, in particular, are the Partagas Lusitanias. Well it’s obvious he’s got a fantastic taste, isn’t it? Measuring at 194 mm long by a ring gauge of 49, Lusitanias is known of its strong and complex flavours, characteristic of Partagas Cigars.

basketball star michael jordan smoking cuban cigars egm cigars

Michael Jordan has been many times spotted smoking his favourite Cuban Cigars, admitting publicly that he is an avid cigar aficionado.


LEBRON JAMES - LeBron James is another very well known athlete who has occasionally been spotted smoking Cuban Cigars Online. Unlike Michael Jordan, who prefers to be a little more conservative about his love of cigars, LeBron as a player for Cleveland Cavaliers he proudly showed his cigar passion through his social media platforms. James too took the opportunity to smoke a cigar after a glorious NBA championship victory in 2016; a moment we'll never forget.

He’s mostly been seen smoking larger ring gauges, so we know for a fact that he’d love the H.Upmann Magnum 50, that’s if he doesn’t already! An all-time favourite amongst cigar aficionados since 2008, Magnum 50 can never disappoint. Handmade using the finest tobacco leaves from Cuba's most premium plantations, the H. Upmann Magnum 50 cigar is ideal for the aficionado and the amatuer alike.

lebron james smoking cigars sports and cigars egm cigars

LeBron James publicly demonstrating his love for fine Cuban cigars.


STEPHEN CURRY - Curry was just last year filmed on national TV smoking a cigar right after his team’s NBA win. It was reported that Curry had hoped to smoke the cigar the year before, until his team lost to Cleveland (LeBron obviously enjoyed his celebratory cigar so much more knowing Curry couldn’t smoke his), so saved it for the next year when his team, Golden State Warriors, won the NBA Championships. What does Curry prefer smoking you may ask.

Strong and complex flavours are what the famous basketball player is looking for in a cigar, and speaking of strength there couldn't be a more suitable smoke for Curry than the Cohiba Behike 54 Cigar. Known as one of the most luxurious cigars on the market, Behike 54 comes in a Laguito No. 5 vitola that measures at 144 mm in length by a 54 ring gauge. Whether Curry smokes this cigar or not, Behike 54 remains monumental in the cigar world and adored by experienced smokers everywhere around the world.

stephen curry smoking cigars basketball and cigars egm cigars

Stephen Curry smoking cigars after the win of his team, Golden State Warriors.

NBA and Cuban cigars seem to go hand in hand, not just for the audience but for the athletes too. Let us know which team you're rooting for in the comments below! Enjoy the NBA finals with any from our great selection of smokes available online on our Cuban Cigar Shop. Want to find more about the enticing world of habanos? Read more from our Cuban Cigar Blog and stay up-to-date with everything associated with Cuban cigars.