Sancho Panza Cigars: Inspiring History Behind the Brand

Sancho Panza Cigars: Inspiring History Behind the Brand

 Sancho Panza Gran Quixote Cigar (Ex. Belux 2018)


Next on our popular Behind the Brand series – where we explore the beguiling history of the brands that create some of the most premium Cuban Cigars Online, we explore the heritage of a brand that has been cherished by both cigar aficionados and cigar beginners since day one. Our latest posts from the Behind the Brand series include:


One of the oldest brands alongside H. Upmann cigars, Sancho Panza was created in 1848 by German Businessman, Don Emilio Ohmstedt, who is also the founding father of the prestigious El Rey del Mundo cigars. Back in its first days, Sancho Panza Cigars were manufactured at 48 Angeles Street, deep in the heart of Havana, Cuba, and produced some of the best Habanos, notable for their large bodies.

LITERARY INSPIRATION – Like many other famous Cuban Cigars brands – Romeo Y Julieta Cigars and Montecristo Cigars, Sancho Panza commemorates a historical piece of literary work. In this case, the brand is named after the rustic square fictional character in Don Quixote, written by the great Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes in 1605. The products even feature a literary reference on the decorated cigar box, as to pay tribute to the literary masterpiece of the famous author.

Sancho Panza Cuban Cigars online

Left: Sancho Panza Logo, Right: Sancho Panza Esceduros Cigar (Ex. Alemania 2011)


UNTROUBLED HISTORY – Despite being well known for its high quality tobacco and splendour craftsmanship, not much has been shared about the history of the brand throughout the years. Sancho Panza, staying loyal to the art of creating excellent Cuban Cigars, has no dark past nor any form of controversial history surrounding its name. Instead, it can be said that the company has been running smooth since the first day of its creation.

OWNERS OF THE BRAND - After Emilio Ohmstedt’s death, sometime in 1880s, Sancho Panza was acquired by brothers Ramon and Antonio Allones of Ramon Allones cigars, continuing the brands glorious journey for years. In 1940, Sancho Panza and the Ramon Allones company were purchached by the Diaz Hermanos y Cia venture owned by Candido Vaga Diaz who later renamed themselves the El Rey del Mundo Cigar Co. Today, the Sancho Panza cigars are manufactured at the Romeo y Julieta cigar factory but remain under the El Rey del Mundo Cigar company.

Sancho Panza cuban cigars for sale online

Left Sancho Panza Belicosos Cigar, Right: Sancho Panza Non Plus Cigar


NON CUBAN PRODUCTION – After the Castro revolution, the Sancho Panza story got a rewrite. In the USA, the company’s trademark was registered in 1981 by Villazon & Co. while later was acquired by the General Cigars Company. The non-Cuban production of Sancho Panza is a line of Honduran Cigars that incorporate either Honduran or Connecticut tobacco wrapper and binder. Although they carry the brands legendary name, the non-Cuban line lacks the distinctive and rich flavours of the original Cuban production. 

CUBAN PRODUCTION – Completely handmade from long-filler Cuban tobacco sourced from the first class fields of Vuelta Abajo, the Cuban Sancho Panza is famous for its larger sized cigars, like the popular Sancho Panza Belicosos Cigar. With 140 mm length and a 52 ring gauge, the Belicosos cigar is a great example of the exceptional large sized puros that Sancho Panza produces. Shorter in length but equally excellent in quality, the Sancho Panza Non Plus Cigar is perfect for every day-time smoker. Medium bodied strength and a smoke full of creamy yet intense aromas, this cigar is crafted from the high quality leafs from the Vuelta Abajo fields. Recently, the brand launched a Regional Editions puro, commemorating the politico-economic union between Belgium and Luxembourg. With a total of 100,000 cigars handcrafted and separated into 10,000 boxes of 10, the Sancho Panza Gran Quixote (Ex. Belux) Cigar is 162 mm long and has an intense medium strength of complex flavours, characteristics that define the Habanos of Sancho Panza since the birth of the brand.

The heritage of Sancho Panza – literary inspired, spotless construction and great tobacco quality, all works to portray that the brand has lived on for more than a century, building a strong reputation in the Cuban Cigars industry.  Read our most recent posts from the Behind the Brand editorials and learn more about the history of the greatest Cuban Cigars brands: