The Best 3 Cigars to Smoke Whilst You Are On Vacation

The Best 3 Cigars to Smoke Whilst You Are On Vacation

With British summertime coming into full swing, it is the time of year where everyone starts packing their bags and jetting off on their long-awaited summer vacation. Soaking up some holiday sun and smoking Cuban Cigars go together like a match made in heaven! Before checking out Cuban Cigars Online, let us provide you with a guide to the best habanos for your vacation!

Cohiba medio siglo cigar egm

The Cohiba Medio Siglo Cigar.


COHIBA MEDIO SIGLO CIGAR – Now aficionados, you will know that Cohiba produce many of the most popular Cuban Cigars For Sale Online, so we are sure that it will come of no surprise to you that their Medio Siglo Cigar is one of our top 3 vacation smokes. With a ring gauge of 52 and a length of 102mm, you can beat the trends; with this shorter, thicker and shiny new format. Now remember, it is all about quality, not quantity! The Medio Siglo’s medium to full flavour, offers a deep leather, cocoa and floral taste. All in all, this cigar provides you with a solution if you are an on-the-go vacationer. With it’s quick smoke and complementary blend of flavours, it will not disappoint. 

trinidad topes edicion limitada 2016 cigar and trinidad cutter egm

Trinidad Topes Edicion Limitada 2016 Cigar & Trinidad Cutter.


TRINIDAD TOPES EDICIONO LIMITADA 2016 CIGAR – From little, to large. The next Cuban Cigar on our top 3 list is: The Trinidad Topes Edicion Limitada 2016 Cigar. This handmade Limited Edition cigar, has a unique vitola, with a ring gauge of 56 and a length of 125mm. They come perfectly packaged in a Semi Boîte Nature of 12 sticks. You can compliment this extraordinary choice with a Trinidad Cutter, a superb cigar accessory to take on your travels. This Trinidad Cutter oozes luxury, with the eye-catching Trinidad logo presented on both sides. Its precise blades will leave you with no hassle when it comes to cutting your cigars and its pocked size means you can take it everywhere with you! Cease the opportunity to grab this extremely rare cigar from our Cuban Cigar Shop. Do it now… before they are gone!

Partagas shorts cigar egm

Partagas Shorts Cigar.


PARTAGAS SHORTS CIGAR – If you are a foodie (like us), who cannot wait to explore the culinary cultures of your holiday destination, then you might’ve found your Cuban cigar match. This Partagas Cigar features a small vitola, with a ring gauge of 42 and a length of 110mm. The smaller size of this cigar makes it the perfect pair to lunch-time smokes or post-dinner chill out vibes. Although it is one of the smaller choices from our Cuban cigar Shop, it certainly packs a punch of flavour, with it’s unique tobacco blend.

Whether you are jetting off on an exciting city-break or to relax in the golden sun, we hope that this post has helped you pick your holiday sidekick. Before packing all your bags take a look at our Cuban cigar Shop, to get your vacation essentials. If you want to delve even deeper into the world of Cuban cigars, then visit our Cuban Cigar Blog to find out more!