Top 5 Thin Cuban Cigars to Try

Top 5 Thin Cuban Cigars to Try
Among the large community of thick cigar-lovers, there are a handful of you aficionados that prefer to smoke something slim. Despite the popularity of thicker Cuban cigars, such as the Trinidad Vigia or the Trinidad Topes, there are numerous smokers who may prefer to smoke something quick and light. This could be because of several reasons. Perhaps, you’re smoking it between meals, or even while travelling. Whatever the reason, there are outstanding thin cigars out in the market - and to make your life easier - we’ve listed a few good stogies below.


The key difference between thinner and thicker cigars is the ratio of the wrapper leaf in comparison to the binder and filler. Many cigar experts believe that the wrapper contributes about 60-80% of the overall flavour of the cigar, which is quite a hefty contribution to the smoking experience. Within a thicker cigar, there is less wrapper to smoke and more binder and filler - making the taste of the wrapper a bit washed out. Furthermore, when it comes to thinner cigars, they burn a lot quicker, making it the perfect cigar to smoke for short occasions.

A box of Cohiba Cigars


The Cohiba Panetelas is known to be one of the best panetelas in the world of Habanos right at this moment. It measures at 115 mm by 26 ring gauge, making it a skinny roll of tobacco in comparison to the likes of the Robusto vitola. The slimness of the cigar allows it to create a cool, but pleasant smoke with tasting notes of leather, grass and barnyard. If you decide to get your hands on this fine cigar, we recommend you pair it with a hot cup of coffee, as each flavour perfectly complement each other.

A box of Trinidad Fundadores


The Trinidad Fundadores is another excellent choice for aficionados looking for a thinner cigar. The Fundadores was initially made solely for the (in)famous Fidel Castro, the Cuban revolutionist who had a passion for smoking cigars himself. The cigar measures at 192mm by 40-ring gauge - not as thin as the panetelas but certainly a lot slimmer than regular cigars. You can expect complex and full flavours within this roll, with excellent tasting notes of earth and leather. Just like many of Trinidad Cigars, it will be made of the utmost quality by skilled torcedores from Havana.

A box of La Gloria Cubana Medaille D'Or No. 4


Presented by the acclaimed La Gloria Cubana brand, the Medaille D’Or No. 4 has earned its name as one of the best small Cuban cigars in the market. It comes in the Palmitas vitola, measured at 152 mm by 32 ring gauge, making it undoubtedly smaller than regular cigars in the market. This cigar delivers a medium-bodied smoke with smooth and complex notes - a pleasant smoke to have while having a relaxing afternoon break.

A box of Partagas Chicos


With the well-loved flavours of the Partagas brand, the Partagas Chicos is a small but delicious stick of tobacco. It is measured at 106mm by 29 ring gauge, making it one of the most miniature cigars in our Cuban Cigars Shop. Because of its smaller size, it allows for a lighter smoke, the perfect cigar for everyday situations, whether it’s while travelling or while on meetings. Within this roll, you can find tasting notes of earth and vanilla - fantastic!

A box of El Rey Del Mundo La Reina


Lastly, we’re going to present to you a slightly more luxurious choice - the El Rey Del Mundo La Reina. This stick of tobacco is limited edition and is undoubtedly rarer than most.

The cigar itself was made exclusively for the UK market, and it provides fantastic light to medium flavours, with great complexity and smoothness. Each box was constructed in the famed ‘El Laguito’ factory in Cuba, home to the famous ‘Cohiba’ brand, and where aficionado favourites like the Cohiba Lanceros and the Cohiba Behike. It is handmade within the Laguito No. 1 vitola, measuring at 192mm by 38 ring gauge, making it a long and slim cigar to smoke.  

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