The Mafia and Their Love for Cigars

The Mafia and Their Love for Cigars

Power, wealth and crime certainly spring to mind when the Mafia come into the conversation. The picture of a luxurious suit, mysterious shades and a good old Cuban cigar is certainly an image upheld to this day. There is a clear association between Crime and Cigars within society and whilst there are several contributing factors, it’s arguable that the Mafia holds a strong part to play. There were plenty of infamous dons that were partial to a good old smoke in their day… we must say who can blame them! The list goes on of cigar-loving mobsters but today we shall name a few. Let’s take a look at 3 famous gangsters who loved their smokes. 

POWER TRIP – What’s caused this association between crime and cigars? Could it be the constant link to famous Mafia members? That would be our best bet. Arguably, the basis for this connection comes from real-life origins. Think of it this way, particularly in the old days, cigars were seen as the pinnacle of luxury – denoting the ultimate wealth and power. This is an image that mobsters were thirsty for! With power being the most efficient tool in a criminal career, there is no doubt that they did everything they could to assert this image to their peers. So, who were some of these cigar-loving gangsters? Let’s catch a glimpse: 

Al Capone Smoking a Cigar. EGM Cigars

Source: American Mafia History.


AL CAPONE – Now known as one of the most notorious gangsters of the 20th century, Al Capone was known as the Robin Hood of his era. He ran the streets of Chicago, giving charitable donations whilst being heavily involved in organised crime. It was rare you would catch the man without a smoke in his mouth! Rumour has it that he bid farewell to his freedom whilst puffing away on a cigar. Although there’s not much about his favoured smokes – it’s known that he loved a thicker cigar. Perhaps he would love the Cohiba Talisman Edicion Limitada Cigar – the limited edition cigar measures at 154mm by a 54 ring gauge. 

Carmine Galante Smoking a Cigar. EGM Cigars

Source: MSN


CARMINE ‘CIGAR’ GALANTE – Born and raised in East Harlem – Galante was the self-proclaimed ‘boss of bosses’. From the age of just 10, he began his criminal career, soon becoming the protégé of Vito Genovese and Joe Bonanno – two famous Mafia bosses. Galante went on to become a major drug trafficker – building a multi-billion-dollar empire! His reign went on until July 12, 1979 – when he was brutally shot dead whilst sparking up his final smoke after a hearty Italian meal. He literally died with a cigar in his mouth, an image that spread across the news like wildfire.

Bugsy Siegel Smoking a Cigar. EGM Cigars


BENJAMIN ‘BUGSY’ SIEGEL – Born in Brooklyn, New York – Bugsy rose to the height of fame and fortune. A believed member of the infamous hit squad ‘Murder Incorporated’ – he’s been tied to many murders, although has never been prosecuted for one! He earned his nickname for his notoriously short, violent temper – with his friends calling him ‘crazy as a bed bug’. He was assassinated in 1947, with his murder being one of the most famous in Mafia history. His wounds were horrific, to say the least – to save the gory details he died instantly. The murderer was never found and to this day his case remains unsolved. 

There we have 3 of the many mobsters who loved a good cigar! Although, we know don’t know much about the particular cigars they were smoking – would they love a good Cohiba Cigar or a Partagas Cigar? We don’t know, but we do know they were firm aficionados – and we’re sure they’d love a few of the sticks we have on our Cuban cigar shop. Need help choosing cigars for sale online? Check out our Cuban cigar blog: